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Sharon Addison, BSN, RN


Sharon Addison, BSN, RN is the founder of the Caribbean & Global Women of Power Summit, an annual live event that empowers and unite women across the world. She is also the founder of Your Awesome Power Within Academy® which offers personal and professional development programs and resources. Known as the "Your Awesome Power Within Coach", she works with a select group of faith based professional women who are business owners and have a heart for humanitarian and philanthropic work. Her mission is to inspire professional women to lead extraordinary, rewarding and fulfilling lives. She does this through her speaking, coaching, [...]

Sharon Addison, BSN, RN2022-10-19T12:04:18-07:00

Jaunai Walker


Jaunai is a Business Coach, Speaker, Coach & Trainer in the areas of sales/marketing & personal development. She is the creator of Peak Your Power to Profit Program which is a bi-product of her award-winning sales career. Jay has over 19 years of sales experience and she is the Chief Inspiration Officer at the Success Group Inc. Through her work as a business coach and speaker, Jaunai helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Drawing on her own experiences as an entrepreneur and her extensive knowledge in the field of sales and marketing, she provides valuable insight and [...]

Jaunai Walker2022-09-07T10:06:03-07:00

Michelle Baker


Michelle, a former Director for the Disney Institute (DI) in both Orlando, Florida and Anaheim, California, retired from The Walt Disney Company in 2021 after a 24-year leadership career. While at DI she led the onstage Facilitators and Engagement Managers, collaborated with organizations across the world on leadership, culture, and service, and established a new internal workforce deployment model.   Prior to joining DI, she had the privilege of leading and mentoring strong leaders and dedicated cast members for Disney Cruise Line as the Shoreside Sr. Operations Manager. Her path eventually led her to a shipboard role as an Officer onboard [...]

Michelle Baker2022-08-13T09:45:45-07:00

Elizabeth Cantu


After 14 years as a Registered Nurse, I went into the grind of nursing practice – first in a Level 1 Trauma Center ER, then as a nursing supervisor and cardiac nurse navigator, only to return to the ER. Why? I badly missed the variety of the Emergency Room. I went back to school for my BSN in hopes of more opportunities; To my surprise, changing my environment did nothing to reduce the toxicity of working in healthcare. That's when I realized I needed to get entirely OUT of bedside nursing. Even so, I found it hard to leave the bedside; [...]

Elizabeth Cantu2022-08-02T15:34:44-07:00

Kurline Josephine Altes


Kurline Speaks - dynamic motivational speaker and storyteller & lifestyle coach known for her ability to speak to the hearts and minds of the people, provoking behavioral change and spiritual growth. She is an entrepreneur, author, faith girl and strongly believes that mental health is mental wealth. Kurline earned her undergraduate; a bachelor's degree in Social Sciences and a minor in Gerontology and Aging Services, from The University of Maryland Global Campus and is completing her graduate studies in Social Work. Kurline also completed her undergraduate in Biblical Studies from the International School of Ministry. Kurline Speaks have been featured on [...]

Kurline Josephine Altes2022-08-02T11:41:33-07:00

Teresa Sanderson


Teresa Sanderson helps nurse entrepreneurs & hospice liaisons get in front of medical and community referral sources so they can serve more clients. An RN for 30 years, she is a Certified Case Manager and was formerly a Certified Hospice & Palliative Nurse. Teresa maintains an active Nursing Continuing Education Program accredited by the Kansas State Board Of Nursing and serves as a Business Coach to nurse entrepreneurs and as a Hospice Marketing Consultant to organizations across the USA. She resides on a homestead in rural Northeast Kansas with her husband, livestock and honeybees.

Teresa Sanderson2022-08-01T17:41:24-07:00

Benita Bannis Ed.S.


Benita Bannis, Ed.S. is the Assistant Director of the UF/IFAS International Support Team (IIST) at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Science (UF/IFAS) in Gainesville, Florida.   As the leader of the IIST, Benita leverages over ten years of experience supporting over $100 million dollars in research, extension, and teaching activity to provide training, guidance, and representation to UF/IFAS faculty, staff, and administration regarding international collaboration and engagement. UF/IFAS is home to dynamic and innovative international projects, including two major USAID awards that, together, touch three continents. The IIST provides financial, administrative, compliance expertise to ensure that UF/IFAS [...]

Benita Bannis Ed.S.2022-09-21T08:43:41-07:00

Dr. Alicia Bannis


Dr. Alicia Bannis, PhD, DNP RN MSN APRN GNP CNS ONC   Dr. Alicia Bannis has over 39 years of experience as a registered nurse. She holds a Ph.D. in nursing education and a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree (DNP). Her focus of interest is on nursing research and curriculum development. Dr. Bannis provides consultation with national and international nursing agencies on curriculum development. She has undertaken various research studies focusing on Cultural Competence in nursing.   Over her tenure in nursing education, Dr. Bannis has taught various nursing education levels to the Master's level of nursing education. She is currently [...]

Dr. Alicia Bannis2022-07-26T18:09:31-07:00

Nena Hart


Through more than a decade of leadership in post-acute care, Nena has been in roles that allowed her to grow and develop into a thriving leader, and she has been in roles that crushed her and created a feeling of failure. She started as a nurse's aide and worked her way up to corporate executive roles, determined to fix the broken systems she experienced. Nena has her Master's in nursing administration. She is the Founder of Hart Healthcare Solutions, which helps post-acute care providers take back the operational health of their organization, stop the vicious cycle of agency use and critical [...]

Nena Hart2022-07-15T09:58:50-07:00

Kim Lamontagne, MBA


Kim is an International Speaker, Trainer, and Author. She is also a Teacher and State Trainer with National Alliance on Mental Illness and Visionary Author of "It's Ok to Not Be Ok". Kim works with organizational leaders to teach them how to create and sustain a mentally healthy workplace culture. Using her proprietary methodology in her leadership training, "The 4 Pillars of Creating and Sustaining a Mentally Healthy Workplace Culture," she teaches leaders how to build a culture of safety where employees feel safe enough to step forward and ask for help without fear of stigma, judgement, or retribution. As a [...]

Kim Lamontagne, MBA2022-08-02T11:42:32-07:00


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